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EGO VPN is a rarity - a free VPN you can sincerely trust with your personal information. If you’re seeking a free VPN for torrenting, a YouTube VPN to avoid regional constraints, or a VPN for Netflix so you don't miss the latest episodes while you travel, EGO VPN keeps your data secured and anonymous. It’s no surprise that our users consistently rate us the best VPN for streaming or downloading obtainable on the market.


New to VPN terminology?
Here’s how EGO VPN works

A virtual private network (VPN) solves the difficulty of keeping the data you upload and download anonymised and safe from interception. Your web traffic is encrypted and carried via the EGO VPN servers, so your internet service provider (ISP) can’t monitor your data or the specific content you browse, stream or download. Consider it a secret tunnel linking your devices and the websites you’re accessing.


Why use EGO VPN?
The key benefits:

Our VPN protocols provide you with a safeguarded, unmonitored connection which protects your confidential data from being intercepted by third parties.

Stop worrying about tracking, monitoring, or snooping on your activities, we empower you to experience the web unhindered by concerns pertaining to individual privacy.


Free from restriction

Forget geographical content restrictions on streaming, censorship of specified webpages or constriction of downloads, our unlimited VPN sets you free.


Preserve your privacy

Our anonymous VPN means your identity is hidden, so you can’t be tracked by IP address. EGO is an ideal mobile VPN for the privacy conscious.


Support multiple devices

Need a free VPN for iPhone? EGO is the perfect iOS VPN or iPad VPN - it operates equally well on smartphones as on tablets, and even iPod Touch.

What We Offer


Choose our free VPN service to keep your data safe from prying eyes while enjoying your favourite content.

EGO VPN Premium

Choose our Premium VPN to enable additional locations, experience our fastest data speeds and remove all advertising.

Connect in one click

Open the app and within a single click, you’re anonymous.

Boost download speeds

No more connection throttling or constant buffering and loading.

Uncapped bandwidth

Experience unlimited streaming, downloading and browsing.

Worldwide infrastructure

Switch location within a couple of clicks and benefit from low latency.

Enterprise level encryption

We employ sophisticated protection to ensure your data stays concealed.

Zero logging

We won’t supervise, track or log your data or activity - ever.

Set up EGO VPN Premium

And get unlimited data and server changes so you can have your favorite content anywhere you go.

Upgrade to EGO VPN Premium

Secure connection – Lightning Speeds  – Global servers – No Ads
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User Reviews:

What Our Clients Say

Discover why our regular customers love EGO VPN
Connor Carter

“Definitely my top rated VPN of all time - streets ahead of the alternatives on the market and superb effectiveness for the price.”

Emily Watson

“Straight up the best VPN service I’ve encountered - and I’ve tested numerous alternatives. Performs perfectly on every occasion.”

Terrell Macmilan

“Really simple to use - set up the VPN online and use the account across devices. It’s far easier than I envisaged to get running.”


“My compliments guys, a top VPN service. Speed, reliability and compatible with my devices. Couldn’t imagine a more exceptional service!”

Michael Felman

“Pleasantly surprised to locate a VPN as accommodating and as quick to install without requiring advanced tech skills.”


“In my opinion the lack of logs establishes EGO VPN as a standout candidate for elite free VPN.”